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Summer Driving Tips

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The Summer weather seems to have taken a long time to turn up this year but we’re finally seeing blue skies and dry weather! We’ve compiled a list of summer driving tips to make sure your summer driving goes as smoothly as possible!

Summer Car Maintenance

These days cars are much more reliable in the hot summer weather but you should still make sure to maintain your vehicle.

  • Ensure the condition of your tyres are good and that your tyre pressure is correct, high temperatures can cause more damage to under inflated tyres. Also, make sure to check the tyres on any towed trailers or caravans!
  • Keep a clean pair of sunglasses in the car at all times to make sure you can safely see the road ahead when the sun is in front of you.
  • Check and top up your oils, coolants and windscreen wiper fluid.

Plan Ahead

The roads get extremely busy this time of year with everyone off on their holidays, make sure to plan your journey ahead of time and pack food and water. If you are going on long journeys make sure you’re well rested as the summer heat can tire you making driving more hazardous. If you begin to feel tired pull over somewhere safe for a 15-minute nap and a strong coffee.

Road Conditions

The hot temperatures can cause road surfaces to product loose chippings which can damage your headlights, windows and paintwork. Make sure to stick to all speed limits and keep an eye out for temporary speed limits where roads may have become damaged.

Tractors and Horses

You’re bound to see many tractors and horses on country lanes in the summer. Make sure to keep your distance at a safe speed and only overtake if you’re sure you have plenty of room to pass.


We hope these tips help you driving this summer! If you have any questions about the condition of your vehicle call our experts today on 01296 432552!

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