Wheel Alignment

2 wheel tracking

£ 42

4 Wheel alignment

£ 72

Wheel Alignment is a car service that adjusts the angle of wheels and affects how they make contact with the road. Accurate wheel alignment is key to having a safe drive experience so it is important that you go to a reliable car service company like Tyred and Exhausted.

Why is a Wheel Alignment Important?

  •   It prevents the vehicle from pulling to one side.
  •   Prevents uneven tyre-wear.
  •   To ensure a smooth ride.

Signs your Car Needs a Wheel Alignment

  •   Your car pulls to the left or the right.
  •   The tyres are squealing while turning.
  •   The wear pattern of the tyres looks odd.

How Often does your Car Need it?

Although all leave the showroom with perfect alignment, your will need to check and correct wheel alignment in several circumstances:

  •   After a car accident.
  •   After hitting potholes at high speed.
  •   After you replace a suspension or steering component.

Benefits of Getting This Service at our Place

Your car maintenance should be done by professionals who have the correct techniques and whose goal is to provide you a safe and reliable driving experience. Poor wheel alignment can lead to car accidents and faster tyre deterioration. You will notice these benefits after getting your wheels aligned.

  •   The tyres will last longer: correct wheel alignment ensures long-lasting and effective tyre performance.
  •   Smooth ride: It will have a positive impact on your driving experience.
  •   Optimise the fuel economy: Vehicles with poor alignment can suffer a decrease in fuel efficiency by up to 8%



To book your wheel alignment, or to find out about our wheel alignment services in Aylesbury, get in touch to find out how we can help you to keep your car safe and roadworthy.


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