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Are your Windscreen Wipers working correctly?

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Windscreen Wipers Aylesbury


When thinking of vehicle safety Windscreen Wipers aren’t usually high on the list and as such are one of the most neglected items on vehicles, especially during the dry summer months. Many Windscreen Wiper blades are not replaced regularly enough and are cracked, worn and dried out causing them to not perform correctly and presenting a potentially dangerous situation when it starts to rain.

Windshield Wiper Blades are made from rubber and this rubber deteriorates over time. As they get older they become less flexible which stops them cleaning your windscreen correctly. They also go through extreme temperature changes, from the freezing winter ice and snow to the hot summer and this also causes damage to the blades. The sun actually bakes and dries out the rubber which hardens and deforms the blades while icy conditions harden the blades making them brittle and more likely to crack or even split.

Signs of a damaged windscreen wiper

There are many signs that a windscreen wiper and / or wiper blade is damaged, both visually and audibly.



Streaking can occur when the rubber on the wiper blade has hardened or cracked to sun exposure, or from dirt and grime such as oil, grease and road grit.


Chattering is when the wiper blades jump and vibrate over the windscreen which cause them to miss areas of the glass where they are not in contact.


When the wiper creates smears across the windshield this can mean the wiping edge of the blade has been rounded from use and is no longer sharp enough to effectively clear the water.

Split Rubber

Unwiped areas on the windscreen are a telltale sign of split rubber and you should inspect the blades for any signs of damage and replace them immediately.


Hearing an annoying squeaking sounds when the wipers are running is a sign that the blade rubber has become worn due to age.

Wiper Arms

While not as common as damage to the blades, a malfunction or damage to the wiper arms can also cause the blades to not keep correct contact with the windscreen which can also show some of the signs above. If you’ve inspected the blades and they appear to be in good condition then call us today on 01296 432552 and we will help you to diagnose if this is a wiper arm issue.

How often should I change my Windscreen Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades will age differently based on how often they are used and the temperature they are used in but we recommend changing them every 6 to 12 months. Impaired visibility due to damaged windscreen wipers is an extremely dangerous situation and it’s also against the law for them not to give you clear sight out of the windscreen.

We stock a variety of Windscreen Wiper Blades and can also assist you if you suspect your Wiper Arm has become damaged, stop by our garage in Aylesbury today or call 01296 432552 to speak to our helpful and friendly team!

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