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According to the NCC, a leading figure in leisure vehicles, holiday & park homes, there are currently over 225,000 motorhomes in use in the UK. Camping has been a popular holiday trend for many generations in the UK, so it comes as no surprise that more and more British households are considering purchasing a motorhome. Chosen by many as the best companion for your holiday, the motorhome is the ideal approach to cost-friendly holidays as motorhome owners can use their vehicle to save costs on accommodation and food. In many ways, the motorhome is a home away from home.

However, it’s essential to remember that before being a home on the go, the motorhome is a vehicle that requires regular maintenance. Indeed, most owners park their motorhome on the driveway or the garden, where they leave it untouched and unused for several weeks or months. Due to its size, the motorhome is often stored in an exposed area with little protection against the wear and tear caused by the prolonged exposure to the elements. We, at Tyred & Exhausted, share our customers’ passion for holidays on the road. Because we appreciate that motorhomes are not frequently used and looked after throughout the year, we have designed our motorhome servicing in Aylesbury for mechanical servicing. Your motorhome requires dedicated attention if you want to keep it for longer and make many more new holiday memories with it. Therefore, if you own a motorhome or are considering buying one, here is what our motorhome servicing can do for you.

Who needs our motorhome servicing

We believe that every motorhome owner should plan motorhome servicing. However, at Tyred & Exhausted, we provide the best service we can based on our expertise and experience. Because of our extensive car knowledge and selection of specialised tools, our servicing offer focuses only on the mechanical side of things. In other words, our motorhome servicing refers to the servicing of the vehicle, rather than the habitation. More often than not, motorhome owners dedicate a lot of attention to maintaining the habitation area as safe and effective as possible but can overlook the maintenance care for the vehicle underneath. 

Therefore, our team provides mechanical service to motorhome customers who: 

  •     Have recently bought a second-hand motorhome and want to check the engine components
  •     Are planning a long trip and want to ensure that everything is ok with the motorhome
  •     Have noticed a suspicious sound and want it fixed
  •     Need a check-up after extensive use
  •     Have stored the motorhome for a long time without using it
  •     Are ready to sell and want to maximise the value of their vehicle
  •     Use their motorhome regularly and want to carry on using it in the future 


Signs you should schedule motorhome servicing

Every motorhome owner needs to understand exactly when to schedule their motorhome servicing. Because mechanical servicing focuses on the chassis and the engine, you will find that you can rely on the same type of information and details you use to schedule your next car service. 

As a general rule of thumb, most manufacturers recommend getting your motorhome professionally serviced for mechanical components every 2 years, or more often depending on your usage. While cars need annual servicing to maintain their performance on the road, your motorhome requires maintenance check-up less frequently. For holidaymakers who travel a lot, you should arrange for dedicated mechanical service every 30k miles. 

If you are unsure about whether or not you should postpone servicing, here are some signs that you can’t ignore: 

  •      You need to check and replace your accessory drive belt(s) every 90k miles. 
  •      You need to get your toothed timing drive belt for multijet versions checked every 110k to 130k miles. 
  •      A sudden loss of performance or speed on the road. 
  •      A smokey and loud exhaust needs a checkup. 
  •      You can’t go far with an abnormally loud or hot engine. 


Motorhome servicing and MOT explanation

For new motorhome owners, we appreciate that you may not be familiar with motorhome servicing and MOT requirements. Our team at Tyred & Exhausted is more than happy to help you understand what mechanical maintenance and care your motorhome needs to be functional and road legal. You might have heard about MOT class IV and class VII for vehicles. Your motorhome only requires the MOT class IV, which is exactly the same test as your car. Our team also provides MOT tests for all your domestic vehicles, motorhomes and cars. You don’t need an MOT if your motorhome is less than 3-year-old. 

While you don’t need to keep up with your motorhome servicing appointments for legal reasons, ensuring your engine and chassis are looked after is the best way to help your motorhome pass the MOT. 


Planning for motorhome servicing

Scheduling your next motorhome servicing couldn’t be easier. You can get in touch with our team by phone to book an appointment, 01296 432552 between 8 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. We’re also open on Saturdays, from 8 am to 1 pm. Alternatively, you can also leave your contact details via our form to get a callback. Due to the nature of the service, we can’t take walk-ins for motorhome servicing. However, you can come and meet us if you prefer to discuss your motorhome requirements face-to-face. 

You will need to bring your service book if you want the servicing stamp. However, our team also provides written proof of service if you don’t have the book with you. While you don’t need to clean and wash the habitation for the mechanical service, washing your motorhome before servicing can help you spot problem areas more effectively. 

If you suspect your vehicle needs repair works, we recommend avoiding a last-minute booking before your holiday. We sometimes need to order replacement parts if they are not available immediately! 


Battery: One of the most common motorhome servicing issues

We need to talk about battery problems as it is one of the most common issues that arise during motorhome servicing. Indeed, battery problems are frequent because a lot of motorhomes stay unused for long periods. As a result, the battery can run flat. While you can recharge your battery – alternatively our team can do it for you – the more often the battery is left to go flat and recharged, the sooner you need to change it. Sulphation is something that can happen if you leave your battery discharged for too long. When this happens, your battery can’t operate safely any more and is not serviceable. 

Our motorhome servicing can spot early signs that your battery is developing problems. If you want to avoid battery problems, we recommend taking your motorhome for a run at least 60 minutes every week. Additionally, if the vehicle is parked in a safe and covered garage, you can disconnect your engine battery. 


Why trust us with motorhome servicing 

We, at Tyred & Exhausted in Aylesbury, are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable and expert knowledge. As vehicle enthusiasts, we have made it our mission to support motorhome owners with specialist mechanical servicing and helpful maintenance tips. 

We work with the latest diagnostic equipment and tools to make sure that you can also trust us with your motorhome performance. We provide not only extensive servicing and maintenance care for your engine and chassis, but we also offer a variety of quality repairs for your motorhome engine.



To book your motorhome service, or to find out about our motorhome services in Aylesbury, get in touch to find out how we can help you to keep your van safe and roadworthy.


Call Tyred & Exhausted today on 01296 432552 to book your motorhome service in Aylesbury.