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3 Signs You Have a Faulty Transmission

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If you’re not car savvy and things go wrong it can be daunting and you may feel out of you depth diagnosing the problem yourself. The good thing is, by understanding what your car should sound, drive and look like, spotting signs of problems early on will help you understand how it needs to be fixed.

One of the more common problems with a car is a faulty transmission – but we at Tyred and Exhausted are here to inform you of some signs that can indicate what the problem is.

Sign Number 1: Damp Spots

Damp underneath the car can be a sign that there is a leak (never good) but if the stain is red, this will quite possibly be fluid from a faulty transmission. There may only be drips indicating the leak, but it’s a sign that this will only worsen if it isn’t fixed – as a visual sign, you will know that this isn’t something to ignore, so ensure it’s booked in for a diagnosis.

Sign Number 2: Drop in Fluid Levels

If the fluid levels in your car have dipped, don’t ignore it. By checking them as soon as you notice the difference, you will be able to tell straight away if this is related to your transmission. As with the leaks, the transmission fluid should appear translucent but red in colour. If this is cloudy, or is expressing a burning smell then it is hinting that the fluid needs to be changed.

Sign Number 3: Listen to your Engine

Whether it’s grinding or stuttering the sound of your car is an indication as to its problem. Whether it’s something minor, or more serious, the tone of how your car runs is crucial to understanding what needs to be fixed. There should be no reason to hear your transmission whilst you drive so if there are signs of this then it means other hints have been ignored and immediate action must occur by a professional.

We hope this has helped you to understand the signs of a faulty transmission. If you are concerned, or you require further help then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to book you in.

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