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Eco Driving – Save fuel, save money, save the environment

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As fuel prices are soaring we’re all becoming more and more aware of how much it’s costing us to fill up our tank. Many people aren’t aware though that altering the way that you drive can drastically cut down on the fuel you use which can save you hundreds of pounds a year!

Follow these simple tips and you’ll make you fuel go much further.


Get your car serviced regularly! Time and use wears down your vehicles components and by getting a service any issues can be spotted and fixed, many of which can lead to a more fuel efficient drive. Also make sure your tyre pressures are correct as under inflated tyres will cause you to use more fuel.

Additionally you should try to reduce weight and drag by not loading your car with unnecessary weight such as roof racks and unneeded items in the boot.

Avoid short trips

Cold starts will use more fuel, the easiest way to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption is not to drive at all! If you can, walk, cycle or take public transport. If that isn’t an option try to combine short trips. Need to grab some milk, post a letter and pick your kids up from school in the afternoon? Try and do it all in one trip rather than 3!

Select higher gears

If you can, try to drive in the highest suitable gear. Changing gear up early will cause the engine to work less therefore saving fuel.

Keep on rolling!

Avoiding constant stop-starts is a great way to save fuel. Slow down early for traffic lights and hazards on the road and let the car roll slowly, you’ll find many times you will be able to pick speed up again once it’s clear without having to stop the car!

Drive smoothly

Drive smoothly and accelerate gently. Always look as far down the road as you can so you have plenty of time to react to the situation ahead, this will allow you plenty of time to accelerate and brake smoothly.

Book a service (again!)

We’ve already mentioned this but there are so many parts of the car that can cause reduced fuel efficiency that a car service will identify and resolve.

For car servicing in Aylesbury make sure to call us at Tyred & Exhausted on 01296 432 552 today!

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