Tyres in the Winter

While it hasn’t been the coldest winter in recent years it appears that we could be in for a very cold and snowy February. When driving in these winter months how often do you think about your tyres? Are they able to withstand the slippery conditions which are fast approaching? If you’re not sure – carry out our quick and easy checklist to discover if your tyres are safe enough.

Regular Tyre Checks

Every month check your tyres for any wear or damage, and ensure the tread depth is within safe and legal ranges to make sure your tyres give you the best control and safety while driving in the rain, ice and snow.

When inspecting your tyres be on the lookout for:

– A low tread depth
– Irregular wear and tear
– Air pressure – don’t let air out of your tyres to get more grip – it doesn’t work, and it’s unsafe
– Any damage to the wheel and sidewalls
– Any punctures or foreign objects stuck in the wheel
– Ageing Tyres
– Chains – Only use snow chains if there’s enough snow to prevent damage to the road

Our top tip for anyone who wants their tyres to last longer is to check them regularly for the above and make sure they have the correct tyres fitted and that they have the correct amount of air in them. Tyre pressure will affect performance and could make your tyres last longer. If you have any questions on tyre safety or would like our friendly and knowledgeable team to  help you carry out your tyre checks contact Tyred and Exhausted Aylesbury today!

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