How Important is a Car Service?

It’s something that rolls around every year. Regardless of the age of your car, the servicing is something that each make, model, size and colour car goes through annually; yet but what are the benefits? We at Tyred and Exhausted are here to not only provide services, but also to allow our customers to understand the importance of making the effort to get this done.

Longer Life:

As complex as cars appear, with the right care and attention, they can go years without problems and costing their owners additional money. There are never guarantees that with a service a car will never have problems, but a service highlights potential problems that could occur if they are not dealt with.  Depending on the garage, a car service may also treat your car to a valet, leaving you one less job to do when you get it home.

Cost Effective:

Linking well with the point above, the cost effectiveness of getting your car serviced may not be noticeable as you pay for the completion of the car service. However, without this you may notice costs soar as general wear and tear kick in and problems arise. You may already be aware that car’s aren’t cheap when problems do arise so save money in the long run by paying for a service each year.

Warranty / Selling Bonus:

If your car is new, then often the warranty is only valid if the services are maintained so it’s important to ensure these are kept up to prevent this being affected. Also, if you have a completed log book showing the history of services this is very valuable to a buyer; they know the car has been well looked after and often add £’s on to the sale price.

So whether yours is due now or not for a few months yet, don’t skip your cars service; see it as an overall health check for your vehicle. For a reliable service, or more information, don’t hesitate to contact us to get booked in.

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