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How to Prepare Your Car For an MOT

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If your car is due for an MOT there’s no need to panic! No one likes shelling out money and we at Tyred and Exhausted are here to help. If you prepare for your MOT before taking your car in you greatly improve your chances of it passing first time, just give your care a bit of extra attention, you don’t need to be a professional mechanic!

1. Don’t Overlook The Small Stuff

The three W’s: window wipers, washers and windscreen. Make sure your washers are filled with water, the surface of your wipers aren’t cracked and your windscreen is intact. If your windscreen is damaged, depending on the extent it could be the difference between passing and failing your MOT so if it is check your policy, you might be able to get it fixed on your insurance without your policy being affected.

2. Lights, Hazards And Indicators

It goes without saying but make sure all the bulbs in your car are working, and if not, replace them! Get a friend to stand by your car so you can check the exterior lighting, this means the fogs, hazards, breaks and indicators.

3. Take A Look At Your Tyres

Make sure none of the nuts are missing in your alloy wheels, make sure your rims are in good shape and check the alignment of the valve.
A professional is usually required to make specific assertions about the appropriateness of your tyres but there are a few things you can check beforehand just to give you a little bit of an edge. Check for cuts, damage and wear; the wear can be checked against the ‘wear bars’ within the tread.
Generally speaking make sure your car is in a clean and presentable condition, your tester can refuse to check it, wash your car and check for oil leaks, petrol leaks and check your seatbelt function, every little helps.
Here at Tyred and Exhausted we are an independent family business aiming to give you unbeatable service. For your MOT, servicing or general car enquiries make us your number one point of call. Contact us today on 01296 432552 or get in touch online and we’ll give your car the VIP treatment.

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