How a Leaking Exhaust Could Damage your Car

Making sure your vehicle is the fully functioning machine it was upon purchase is something that’s difficult to keep on top of, short of being a mechanic or living with Lewis Hamilton’s pit crew. Keeping an eye on the various elements of your car though, is something that everybody should do, as spotting a potential fault early can lead to a cheap and easy solution to a problem that could have become difficult and painfully expensive. When it comes to exhausts in Aylesbury, there are many things that can go wrong, and many ramifications if it does. But if your exhaust is just leaking, can it actually damage your car?

The short answer is yes, it definitely can. Most notably, exhaust leaks can often cause valve damage through the process of taking in cold air. Similarly the leak can affect the engine and the overall performance of the car, and worse of all it can cause poisonous gases to bleed into the passenger seat and harm the occupants! Any sort of leak, or exhaust issue should be handled and seen to immediately due to the nature of the monoxide and burnt gases it handles.

Here at Tyred and Exhausted, we’re the experts when it comes to tending to the needs of your vehicle, and understand how important your car is to you. For many of us, a car is an absolute necessity, a sole means of conveyance and a primary mode transport for work, school and getting about. As such, we know it can be tempting to leave an issue like a leaking exhaust. This should never be done, however, and with our Fast-Fit car service, we can get your car in the problem identified and the necessary replacement parts fitted quickly getting you back on the road in next to no time!

Furthermore, the longer an exhaust remains leaking, the more severe the damage and the more expensive the job will be to get it fixed further down the line! As friendly, professional engineers you can trust, we’re waiting for your call today! Simply dial 01296432552 and don’t wait another moment to fix that exhaust!

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