Common Gearbox Faults & Symptoms

The gearbox is an essential component of any car – and should yours go wrong you’ll probably know about it. But to help you identify a gearbox fault and the symptoms which you should be on the lookout for then read on as we explain all in our latest post.

Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid is a light red colour and should it begin to leak you should notice it on the drive or where you have been parked. It’s important that you keep your transmission fluid topped up, especially if you’ve noticed a leak. Without fluid the transmission will begin to seize up – which can make it very difficult for the gears to shift from one to the next.

Jumping Gears

A big sign that there is something wrong with the gearbox is if the gear stick jumps out of the gear you’ve placed it in. This indicates a problem with the linkage, and will either mean that they will need replacing or you’ll need a new gearbox. If the mechanic gives you the option, try and get them to change the linkage as this is considerably cheaper than trying to replace the whole gearbox.

Struggling to Change Gears

If, when you’ve been driving you’ve had to pump the clutch in order to change gear then there is either a problem with the clutch or the gearbox. Don’t ignore this problem, it won’t go away. If your car is showing one or all of these symptoms make sure you book yourself into our garage in Aylesbury and we’ll fix the problem for you.

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