Preparing your Vehicle for Spring

Winter is quickly disappearing and we’re all now looking forward to the Spring. Warmer weather and longer days are on their way and now is a great time to give your vehicle a Spring clean and make sure it’s in great condition for the months ahead.

After all the dashing around at Christmas, to getting into the swing of the New Year, it can be easy to forget to give your car a thorough check and ensure that your lights all function correctly, your tyres and brake pads aren’t worn and all the other checks are made to ensure your vehicle is reliable and safe.

Here at Tyred and Exhausted Aylesbury we’re here to help you get your Spring off to a great start and we’ve compiled a check list of some of the essential things to get you started on preparing your vehicle for spring. Please note that if in any doubt always consult a professional before attempting any maintenance.


Make sure that your air pressure is correct for all tyres and thoroughly inspect each tyre for any wear or damage. You should also check the tread depth and if it’s getting shallow consider replacing your tyres.


Your brake pads are an essential safety component and should be inspected to see if they are worn and require replacing.


The harsh winter weather can take its toll on your wiper blades so make sure to check for any damage.


Make sure all of your interior and exterior lights are working. It can help to ask someone to stand outside the vehicle to watch while you alternate between indicators, fog, hazards etc.


Grit and small stones kicked up during the winter can cause chips in your windscreen and if they aren’t fixed the cracks can get worse.

Fluid Levels

Make sure to top up all of your fluid levels if required.

 Need Some Advice?

These are just a few items to look out for, if you’d like help servicing your vehicle or have any other enquiry make sure to contact Tyred and Exhausted today on 01296 432552 so we can help!

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