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Spring Driving Advice

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We’re finally getting out of the cold, wet winter and Spring is just around the corner. The days are beginning to get longer and with such a busy time ahead now is the perfect time to get ready for a Spring Clean! There are many driving challenges coming in the next couple of months so here is our list of Spring driving advice.

Spring clean your car

The morning sun is out earlier every day and at the end of March the clocks go forward to British Summer Time. While this is great to see the sun will still be low in the early mornings so make sure your windscreen is clean as a dirty windscreen will dramatically impair your vision. It’s also a good idea to store a pair of sunglasses in your car in case the sun begins to blind you.

Give your car a good clean, both in and out as your interior may have become damp and dirty over the winter due to boots and wet clothing.

Give your car a check up

After cleaning your vehicle this is a great time to check all of your oil levels, windscreen wiper fluid etc. and top them all up. Don’t forget to inspect your tyres to ensure they are the correct depth (you can read more about this in our article on tyre tread depth by clicking here). Inspect each tyre for any cuts or damage and replace them if neccesary – don’t forget the spare!

Prepare for changeable weather

We all know how quickly the weather can change during Spring, one minute it can be dry and sunny and then suddenly you’re in a hail storm. Always be prepared for the weather to change, remember to give yourself plenty of room to brake in the rain and drive at a safe speed.

More hazards on the road

Expect to see many more hazards on the road, particularly people and animals! The improving weather will bring out more pedestrians, hikers and horse riders and soon there will be much more wildlife out and about. Always be on the lookout for potential hazards, especially in bad weather.

Do you require help setting your car up for Spring?

If you require any assistance checking and replacing your tyres, or have any other issues with your vehicle, call Tyred and Exhausted Aylesbury today on 01296 432552 and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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