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Understanding Dashboard Warning Lights

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Have you ever been driving along and suddenly a warning light pops up on your dashboard and you’re not entirely sure what it means?

Here are 5 of the most common warning lights, and what to do if they appear.

Check Engine Light

Engine Warning Light

If your engine warning light is constantly on it is signalling that there is a problem with the engine management system. It does not mean you’re about to break down but you should have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

If the engine light is blinking this indicates a severe engine malfunction. Reduce your speed and if the light stops flashing and instead illuminates constantly follow the advice above. If the light continues to flash you should stop your vehicle and have it checked immediately.

Battery Light

Battery Warning Light

If the battery light doesn’t light up when switching on the ignition, or illuminates while driving, there is a fault which is stopping the battery from being charged. You should safely stop the vehicle get help from a professional immediately.

Oil Pressure Light

Oil Warning Light

If the oil pressure light comes on you should stop the vehicle, turn off the engine and make sure the engine oil level is topped up. If the oil level is correct and the light is still on you should seek assistance immediately.

Brake System Light

Brakes Warning Light

If this light illuminates when your handbrake is not engaged your brake fluid levels are probably too low. Top up your brake fluid and the light should turn off, if it doesn’t there may be a sensor failure and you should visit a garage to get it checked.

ABS Light

ABS Warning Light

If the ABS light illuminates while you are driving your vehicle it means that the ABS has malfunctioned. Your brakes should still be working fine but remember to be careful when slowing down your vehicle to avoid locking up your brakes until you can get the problem fixed.


You should never ignore these warning lights, if these or any other warning lights appear on your dashboard give us a call on 01296 432552 and our experts will be happy to help you resolve the problem!

Remember that the best defence against these failures is regular servicing of your vehicle, we pride ourselves on an incredible attention to detail and with our specialist tooling and diagnostic equipment we can meet all your servicing needs!

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