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Save Fuel With These Eco-Driving Tips

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Did you know that you can save fuel by altering the way you drive? No – well you can, and to help you save money on fuel read on as we at Tyred & Exhausted offer some eco-driving tips which will help you cut your fuel consumption.

Tip One: Avoid Harsh Acceleration

One way to drive more economically is to avoid any harsh acceleration or breaking; one way you can achieve this is by giving the car in front of you a wide berth, this will allow you to slow down naturally rather than slamming on the brakes when they do. It’s also a lot safer, as it gives you time to react to a situation.

Tip Two: Remove Heavy Un-Used Accessories

Roof racks and bike carriers are heavy, and when you are not using them take them off your car. If you leave them on your vehicle, the excess weight will use more fuel as it will take more energy to move the car from one spot to the next.

Tip Three: Changing Gears

When possible try and drive in higher gears, this will reduce the revs and reduce the amount of fuel you consume. It’s easy to develop bad habits, and for many of us who want to overtake or accelerate we tend to leave it in a lower gear to build up speed before changing gears. This will use more fuel – so try and kick this bad habit.

Tip Four: Check Tyre Pressure

If your tyres are under inflated then you will inevitable use more fuel – therefore keep an eye on your tyre pressure. It can also affect the safety and handling of the vehicle so it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

Tip Five: Have a Regular Service

Have your car serviced every year as this will make sure that your car is kept in tip top condition, and ensure that your car is running efficiently.

To book your car in for a car servicing in Aylesbury make sure you get in touch with us at Tyred & Exhausted and call us on 01296 432 552.

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