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Common Problems with your Brakes

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Ensuring that your vehicle comes to a safe, controlled stop is extremely important. There are several components that make up your brakes and they all work together to quickly and safely slow your vehicle down, this means that if even one of them is failing it can put you and others in danger.

We hear many problems when it comes to customers brakes and we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common here so you know what to look out for.

Long Brake Travel

If you find you have to push your brake pedal down further than you should then this is usually a sign that your brake pads are starting to wear out. You should get this seen to as soon as possible as the brake pads may need replacing.

Soft Brake Pedal

A “spongy” feeling when applying your brakes is usually caused by air getting into the brake lines which prevents fluid from flowing properly. Usually bleeding the brakes will fix this issue.

Screeching or Grinding Noises

Hearing screeching, grinding or rubbing noises is a common problem we hear. Again this usually means that the brake pads or shoes are getting worn out and should be inspected immediately and replaced if necessary.

Brake Pedal or Steering Wheel Vibration

This unpleasant feeling is caused by warped brake rotors which means that they have uneven wear on them. Your brake rotors can be resurfaced to even out the surface or replaced completely if required.

Brake Warning Light on Dashboard

If your brake warning light appears this indicates that you have a fluid leak or have lost hydraulic pressure on one side. If you are having to pump the brake pedal to bring the vehicle to a halt then you should bring your vehicle to a garage immediately to diagnose and fix the problem, it’s suggested at this point to not drive your vehicle and instead have it towed to the garage.

Tyred and Exhausted can Diagnose these issues and fix your Brakes

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed here or any other issues with your brakes don’t ignore them! Our friendly experts are here to help you ensure your vehicle is safe and smooth to drive, call Tyred on Exhausted today on 01296 432552 to speak with the best team to service your brakes Aylesbury!

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