How to Tell if Your Brakes Are Worn Out

Safety on the road is of paramount importance, and when it comes to ensuring your vehicle is still roadworthy, keeping in the know in regards to your brake situation could save you a lot of trouble further down the line. There can be no compromise, when you need to stop; you have to know that your right foot can do the job, bringing your vehicle to a halt within the correct amount of stopping distance. Here at Tyred and Exhausted, our team are experienced in dealing with your vehicle, able to bring your brakes in Aylesbury back up to the responsive, reactive standard they should meet. Here’s how to tell if you need to take a trip to the experts!

How Do Brakes Wear Down?

Made up of several parts, a brake consists of a hydraulic clamp, a brake fluid line, a brake pad and a rotor connected to the wheel.  Brakes use friction, forcing the brake pad against the rotor, to slow the vehicle down, and as such, the pads eventually erode away. As the state of the pads gets worse with use, the brakes become less and less responsive, until they don’t work at all, leaving you stuck.

How to Spot Eroding Brake Pads

There are a couple of things you can look and listen for when your brakes are showing signs that a trip to the garage may be necessary. Luckily, lots of cars don’t cover the brake pad through the hubcap, and as such you can get a good view of the state of your brake pad. The large metal disc is the rotor, and wrapped around the rotor you should see the brake pads. Taking a close look or, if you can squeeze your hand in, running a finger along the surface should tell you whether or not they’re in need of replacing.

Finally, a high pitched ‘chirping’ noise often occurs when your brake pads are worn right down, as a small piece of metal, usually silenced by the pad, comes into contact with the rotor.

If you’re in need of brake pads or any vehicle work, pick up the phone to the experts here at Tyred and Exhausted. Our friendly team are always happy to offer help and advice, and we pride ourselves on a first rate level of service.

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