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Driving Safe in the Autumn

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As we wave goodbye to the summer for another year we can already see Autumn setting in and with it comes a new set of driving risks you should be aware of.

Wet Leaves

We’ve talked about the hazards of driving across wet leaves on our blog before but it really is a situation where you must take care as you can quickly lose tyre traction even at lower speeds which increase the risk of losing control of your vehicle. A deep tyre tread will give you the best road traction so make sure your tyres are in great condition and replace them if they show signs of wear.


In the autumn the sun is blindingly bright especially at lower angles during sunrise and sunset. Accidents due to sun blindness are highest during the Autumn so we recommend keeping a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle and using the sun visor when appropriate. If you do get blinded by the sun you should slow down immediately until your vision is back to normal.

You should also always make sure your windscreen is clean both inside and out and free of any chips or scratches as these can intensify the glare from the sun.


Of course we always need to look out for pedestrians but with the evenings closing in there will be more people outside when it gets dark than during the summer, including children. You should be extra vigilant of any pedestrians crossing roads and make sure to keep a safe speed when driving through residential areas.

General Vehicle Maintenance for Driving Safe in the Autumn

As well as being aware of the dangers above it’s also important to keep your vehicle regularly maintained and now is a great time to give it a once over. The hot summer weather can put a lot of wear on your battery so make sure to test it and replace it if required. Ensure your windscreen wipers are functioning correctly and you keep your wiper fluid bottle topped up. With more darkness in a day coming it’s extremely important you ensure that all of your lights are bright and working.

We hope these tips have helped prepare you for the Autumn! If you need help with any of the maintenance steps mentioned above including fixing chipped windscreens, replacing your battery or fitting new tyres call Tyred on Exhausted Aylesbury today on 01296 432552!

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