Tyres in the Winter

While it hasn’t been the coldest winter in recent years it appears that we could be in for a very cold and snowy February. When driving in these winter months how often do you think about your tyres? Are they able to withstand the slippery conditions which are fast approaching? If you’re not sure – carry […]

Wet Weather Driving Tips

We’re well into Autumn now and as we well know cold, dark and wet days are coming in. Stay safe on the road with Tyred and Exhausted Aylesbury’s top wet weather driving tips! Avoid Puddles and Floods Driving across large puddles can cause aquaplaning which causes a loss of control of your vehicle. We’ve spoken […]

Eco Driving – Save fuel, save money, save the environment

As fuel prices are soaring we’re all becoming more and more aware of how much it’s costing us to fill up our tank. Many people aren’t aware though that altering the way that you drive can drastically cut down on the fuel you use which can save you hundreds of pounds a year! Follow these […]

Driving in the snow, beast from the east returns!

It looks like the beast from the east is coming back this month! After over a week of snow and icy conditions early this month there’s reports that more may be coming in the next couple of weeks! Hopefully you tried to avoid any unnecessary trips last time around but in case the winter weather […]

Summer Driving Tips

The Summer weather seems to have taken a long time to turn up this year but we’re finally seeing blue skies and dry weather! We’ve compiled a list of summer driving tips to make sure your summer driving goes as smoothly as possible! Summer Car Maintenance These days cars are much more reliable in the […]

Spring Driving Advice

We’re finally getting out of the cold, wet winter and Spring is just around the corner. The days are beginning to get longer and with such a busy time ahead now is the perfect time to get ready for a Spring Clean! There are many driving challenges coming in the next couple of months so […]

Driving Safe in the Autumn

As we wave goodbye to the summer for another year we can already see Autumn setting in and with it comes a new set of driving risks you should be aware of. Wet Leaves We’ve talked about the hazards of driving across wet leaves on our blog before but it really is a situation where […]

Are your Windscreen Wipers working correctly?

Windscreen Wipers Aylesbury When thinking of vehicle safety Windscreen Wipers aren’t usually high on the list and as such are one of the most neglected items on vehicles, especially during the dry summer months. Many Windscreen Wiper blades are not replaced regularly enough and are cracked, worn and dried out causing them to not perform […]

4 Wheel Alignment Aylesbury

4 Wheel Alignment Aylesbury Have you recently noticed your car pulling to one side? Are you experiencing irregular tyre wear? Have you recently had a hard shock by hitting a kerb or driving into a pothole? These are all common indicators of incorrect wheel alignment. Here at Tyred and Exhausted we provide 4 wheel alignment Aylesbury, […]